I’m Maren, the artist behind The Tin Owl. I have an eclectic background. It ranges from Maren Misner_The Tin Owleducation and microfinance to paper-routing and dog-walking. I’m restless with a terrible case of wanderlust but I love home more than anything. My family means the world to me. The camera is an extension of my mind and it opens up new worlds to me every time I look through it. 

I surround myself with objects that inspire me. From the artwork on my walls to the coffee mug I drink from every morning to the jewelry I wear – they all contribute in some small (or large) way to my outlook on the day. They shape my thoughts. My goal with The Tin Owl is to create images and products that enhance your day, that make you smile, that strike a chord and inspire you.



“PERFECT! Seller was great to work with. Print shipped quickly and is very good quality.”

“They were shipped so fast and the person I got them for loved them!!! Great piece and beautifully done. They were also wrapped so nicely 🙂 Thank you!”

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“This print is everything it is advertised to be and I was not disappointed. Love everything about it and can’t wait to frame it. Great product. Great service. I would buy from this seller again.Thanks!”

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“Gorgeous!!!!! So impeccably packaged and I love love love the photo. Thank you and I will definitely order from you again!”

“Everything was just as described and seller is so sweet!! Loved all the little details she put into her products and wrapping. Will definitely buy again. Thank you!”

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I don’t work with tin, and I don’t have any photographs of owls. The Tin Owl’s name is completely arbitrary! I have a name that is easily mispronounced and more easily misspelled, which makes it difficult to remember. I wanted a name for my business that was unique and memorable. I happened to be wearing a necklace with a metal owl on it when I was brainstorming names in 2013, and The Tin Owl popped into my head. It stuck.



5% of all profits from this website go to fund micro loans around the world through Kiva. Learn more here.



All the fun places customers have been from:



I had the privilege of working with Brian Wulff of Pronghorn Creative to creative this introspective look into my creative process.


The Tin Owl is based in Madison, WI. The best way to reach me is to fill out this contact form or shoot me an email: maren@thetinowl.com




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