When I moved into my new studio space last year, I knew I wanted to decorate my walls with artwork from other artists who inspire me. It was some of the most fun I've ever had shopping :)  I'm nowhere near done decorating my walls with inspiring artists (there are so, so, so many), but here is a little start to the list. Check out their shops! Elle Moss Photography - I've been obsessing over this image for years. I'm so glad to finally have it on my wall. elle-moss Hello Small World - how cute are these bears riding a bike?! hello-small-world Nine Dragons Photography - This golden Buddha helps keep me centered. nine-dragons-buddha Light Plus Ink "She Wrote Nothing At All "- I love this artist portrait. It resonates deep and keeps me company when I'm feeling in need of inspiration. light-plus-pink Tracey Capone Photography - Tracey's wood blocks are *SO* cool. tracey-capone Belles and Ghosts - This print speaks to my inner adventurer/dreamer. Belles and Ghost's entire shop does, in fact. belles-and-ghosts Vintage by the Shore (displayed with Hello Small World's print) - these prints are so fun! vintage-by-the-shore Dull Blue Light - Peanut butter and chocolate chips. Yum, Yum, Yum. Dull Blue Light has the most beautiful still life photos. dull-blue-light Nine Dragons Photography (yes, I have TWO Nine Dragons Buddhas in my studio - they're just that great!!) nine-dragons-tiny-buddha Emily McDowell Studio - Emily McDowell is one of my artist/business heroes. I've been following her work for years, and it keeps inspiring me. Here are two cards of hers I look at every.single.day. emily-mcdowell-internet-card emily-mcdowell-inner-voice-card   Amy Lighthall - I love this geometric mountain print. amylighthall  Judith Kimber Photo - How cool is this fish?? It's blowing BUTTON BUBBLES. judith-kimber-photography Eye Poetry Photography - Beautiful horse photography. eyepoetryphotography Majali Design & Illustration - The Reader - This illustration just makes me smile. It brings me back to weekends as a kid coming home from the library with stacks of books and reading with my kitty next to me. (Okay, I still do that today.) majalin   Raceytay - a fantastic selection of super cool photography. raceytayphotography